DJ Ronald!

Artifical Intelligence & Drum 'n Bass Geek

About me

I am a Drum and Bass DJ living in Utrecht (Netherlands). I am a DJ on the VirtualDJ internet radio station channel 4 where I've been playing the latest DnB releases since January 2011. Monday and Thursday evenings are my regular spots (both 21u-22u CET), though I tend to book additional hours last-minute throughout the week, whenever there’s an opening and I feel like playing some tunes. I am always looking for places to perform, because there is only one thing better than mixing the music I love and that is doing it for a live crowd. Please send me an e-mail if you want me to play at your party, or know of a place where I can perform.

I started as an all-round DJ at my student association in 1999 and grew out to be one of the best in-house DJ’s, playing at all mayor internal events and hired for many graduation parties and a few other external parties. Though I loved getting a crowed exited I put an end to this career after about seven years, because there was no more room to grow in this closed environment and my interest in popular music simply isn’t enough to keep up with the new hits and pursue a broader all-round career.

The passion for performing and mixing remained, so in April 2010 I decided to buy a DJ-controller for my laptop and started mixing music I was actually passionate about. Because of my love for drum and bass and earlier DJ experience it took little time to assemble a music collection and learn the skills needed to play a massive drum and bass set.

Listen to me

The MixCloud player below contains all my recent uploads (click on "UP NEXT ^" to see them all). Go tune in an have fun! Oh, and if you like you can share, +1, like, friend or do whatever the social web has in store for you.